About "Aqwella"

The history of the Company

The company was established in 1997. Colored kitchen frontages production was taken as a basis for manufacturing activity in order to satisfy the demand of local furniture factories.

Within five years specialists of the company carried out huge work on studying of properties and nature of behavior of paint, absolutely new special effects and the unique means of painting of the furniture were developed, which is extremely necessary for staying in high humidity areas of a bathroom. Since 2001 the company entered a new segment of the market and from that time becomes the largest producer of bathroom furniture in Russia. From the moment of its foundation the company set the goal to make production according to the highest quality standards in any segment from economy to premium classes.

The company Aqwella is the unique company that even for furniture of the economy class uses high-quality MDF-plates (FINSA, Spain) for manufacturing not only on front, but also on lateral parts of furniture, which according to the characteristics are more dense in their structure compared with a particle board that is traditionally used by other furniture producers.

For furniture manufacturing the company uses only European raw materials and accessories which are processed in high-precision German and Italian equipment.

Currently the company makes the wide range of bathroom furniture: an economy class of brand “Aqwella” and premium class of brand “Clarberg”. The furniture offered by our company can be purchased all over the Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The company Aqwella constantly participates in the largest Russian and foreign exhibitions such as Mosbuild (Moscow) and ISH (Frankfurt), demonstrating its new products.